Skapto (Sofia) – Tsar Shishman 20

SKAPTO-Shishman 20

ClOSED | 11:30 - 22:00
Kitchen | 12:00 - 22:30


In 2015 we nestled into one of the must-visit streets of Sofia – Shishman – amongst all the rest of hidden gems up and down the street.

There’s so much to explore and stumble upon on Shishman, we are here to fuel you up for the expedition.

With that in mind, meet Skaptoburger – laser focused on the comforting medley of mouthwatering

burgers & hand-picked beers. Well, addictive house-cut fries, too. But that’s it – a safe-place for a petite respite, which you will enter curious and hungry and leave happy.

So, fuel up on smiles and good food…wait, aren’t these the same thing?

Sofia, 20 Tzar Shishman Street / 0700 1 1313 / [email protected]

Skapto (Sofia) – Tsar Shishman 20
ul. Tzar Ivan Shishman 22
Sofia Bulgaria