We Are Skapto

Skapto started in 2013 with a simple idea in mind – comfort. To make you feel comfortable; to transport you into a state of physical & soulful ease. Pure, stripped of anything unnecessary, of anything pretentious. Ease.

To make you happy. To this end, we challenge ourselves & press our creative juices to comfort you with simple, mouthwatering burgers & proper, addictive fries.

We start with real ingredients…

    • fresh ground, never frozen, ground 100% beef;
    • house-baked brioche buns;
    • potatoes cut by hand and twice-fried;
    • house-made sauces & spice blends;
    • hand-picked selection of beers;

We play with them, spin them around, and serve them with a side of our distinctive attitude. And an extra helping of smiles. Always smiles.

All that’s left for you is to bite in, sip up…not approvingly, while making that “mmm” sound. And we will be thrilled to have made e new buddy.

We are Skapto. We do burgers, we do beers, we do buddies. We do comfort just right. Nothing generic, nothing lame.